Live Hybrid/Virtual Conference Broadcasting

Continuing Education Production/Management

Virtual Conference Management

SDS produces premium continuing education each year for multiple industries, with series for leadership, accounting, health care, architecture, construction, legal and more. Each series is created at the highest quality in our studios and offered online for a premium. Additionally, SDS broadcasts conferences, seminars and more live online, offering a larger paid audience for your events and education.

SDS brings many years of experience managing conferences of all sizes in multiple industries. Our expertise includes the entire spectrum, from event marketing, online registration, sponsorship solicitation, food/beverage planning, speaker search/management to onsite event registration and production. SDS brings many revenue options to each conference.

SDS has extensive non-profit management experience, both in full-service management and providing marketing, membership recruitment or other services for established management within an organization. From everything to budgeting and financial management to collection of dues, product production and sales, and member services, we continue the success of your organization.