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About This Presentation

This information presentation from former IRS supervisor Michael Gregory looks at real world ways you can help your clients avoid or quickly resolve issues generated by an IRS audit. From Mike’s commentary on How to Work with IRS: Second Edition (June 2014), and an overview of how the IRS is organized into 13 different business units, valuable and helpful information and commentary is presented regarding these issues in the Large Business and International Division (LB&I) (assets over $10M) and the Small Business Self Employed Division (SBSE) (assets $10M and less).  An example from the estate and gift classification process is followed from start to finish to provide added insight into the process and the way IRS approaches these issues.  Issue resolution at the IRS is division dependent.  Both LB&I and SBSE have issue resolution concerns that are different and require a different approach from you and your client.  Ideas for addressing these concerns with specifics related to specialists are provided.  Given 13,000 revenue agents with 2,000 specialists at the IRS, Mike presents steps you can take when you need a specialist and when working with specialists to allow you to take appropriate actions – from the initial filing of the return to avoid an audit, examination tips if audited, appeals recommendations on cases where there is no agreement, and litigation. This presentation offers 2.0 credits of CPE and great information valuable to both you and your clients.

About the Instructor


Michael A. Gregory, has an extensive background as an experienced manager with  over 25 years experience.  He is an Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and a Certified Valuation Analyst with the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA).  In the third quarter of 2013 he was selected as the outstanding member of NACVA.   He has conducted  over 400 mediations since 2000 for the IRS, within the MN Court system since 2004 and with his firm.  The firm currently conducts three to secven mediations each month.   Each receives total customer commitment resulting in timely, quality closures.

Having worked for the Internal Revenue Service as an Engineer and Business Valuer, Engineer Business Valuer Manager, Operations Team Lead for Research, Controller, Acting Assistant District Director, and Territory Manager and trainer of managers, Mr. Gregory has worked the most difficult tax issues and mediated disputes between the IRS and taxpayers, within the IRS management, and with the National Treasury Employee Union as well as labor relations on issues regarding grievances, unfair labor practices, and equal employment opportunity complaints.  He has also taught management training to all 13 divisions at the IRS.   Mr. Gregory has worked on the restructuring of finance at the IRS as well as mediated budget and management issues.  As a Territory Manager responsible for 23 states over the past eleven years, Mr. Gregory worked on the most complex cases in the Large Business and International, the Small Business and Self Employed, and the Tax Exempt and Governmental Entities Divisions bringing issue resolution skills to resolve issues without litigation.  As a teacher he taught managers in all 13 divisions of the IRS management skills and he as contacted the 50 best places to work in the U.S. to solicit how they teach their managers to bring this expertise to you.

Areas of expertise are management, business valuation issues, research credit, international issues, cost segregation, capital versus repair, and other issues related to engineering and valuation.   As a leader and mediator working for the Internal Revenue Service an emphasis was made to resolve issues at the lowest possible level.   Only the most difficult cases were raised in management for issue resolution at his level.   With this expertise Mr. Gregory now brings his skills and talents to assist you in leadership, litigation support, review, issue management and issue resolution.