Teenager Molly Ogden suffered a stroke at the age of 16. For the one year anniversary of her stroke, her high school wanted to have an assembly to discuss the difficulties she has faced since then, as well as acknowledge her successes in maintaining her identity. Her parents contacted Sunflower to discuss ways to show her struggles through the stroke, as well as provide her a way to communicate with her friends to show them that she remains the fun loving girl inside. Sunflower developed the concept and filmed Molly, editing together pictures and footage from different times in her life. The video was shown to 600 students in the one assembly, but then went viral as a fundraiser to help Molly get enough financial assistance to travel to Chicago for a special camp to combat her aphasia, which left her unable to verbally communicate comprehensively with friends and family. The video was discussed on television and radio around Kansas City and the midwest, the fundraiser was successful and Molly is getting therapy to restore her ability to have conversations with others. Her biggest frustration since her stroke has been losing friends because she hadn’t been able to communicate with them like before. This video helped change that.